Monday, March 13, 2006

What a big weekend....

Emma had a really big weekend.
Friday Seamus and Erin came to visit. We had a really nice time. Seamus enjoyed playing with Emma's toys, and Emma's face. Now that she can sit up, he thinks she's a little more fun. But when they both are crawling, they'll be quite the handful.
Saturday morning Grandma and Kathleen both came to visit. It was a full house. Marc worked, Grandma watched Emma, and Kathleen and I addressed and stuffed her wedding invitations. Emma had a great time playing "Rolly Polly" with Grandma.
Later that night we went to Chad and Rachel's Purim Party. Emma went as a lion, but later changed into her lovely striped number. Emma was really fascinated by the reinactment of the story of Purim. She also loved all the attention.
Sunday we went to the outlet mall, and bought nothing for Emma! Then we went to Deb's house. Emma liked showing Deb her sitting up trick, and her crawling trick, which is really more of a push her face into the floor and scream trick, but eventually it should turn into crawling.
It was a big weekend, and we are pooped!


Deb said...

you forgot the part about how i got my left leg amputated at the knee. that's the only trick i know how to do. ::sad::


Sue said...

It's nice to see Emma sharing her toys with her friend, Aunty Deb