Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Corinne Turns 3!

We all had a fantastic time at Corinne's B-day party. It was fish themed.

Molly and Daddy enjoying the yummy food.
Molly loved Corinne's toys.
They played hot potato. (Or hot Squid to be precise.)
Emma's out!But she won a toy whale playing pin the tail on the whale.

Yummy cake!
Corinne loved her cake.
Really yummy.
Hannah loved it too.

So did Mave, (Emma's best friend of the day)
Too yummy to try to use a fork
Oh no, a shark ate our playgroup.
And Effie ate a shark.
Oh no, Molly got eaten by the shark.

I'll save you Molly.
Seven always loves a party.
Oh no, the shark got Daddy!
Molly will save you Daddy.
"Daddy, come out over here."

Molly fits in.

Molly has been trying to sqeeze herself into places she doesn't belong. It's her new hobby.
Molly on the book shelf. They're her favorite.

She also squeezed herself into the dog's water bowl.

She didn't mind, she was focused on Emma's pancake.

(we had a dog for a week, we were dogsitting Jessie. The girls loved having her around. We miss her. )
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Molly the Chef

Wait a minute, what's wrong with this picture.

Molly, how did you get so tall?

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The Farm Trip Continued...

There are a lot of pictures to post from the farm. I guess we had a really good time, or the kids were particuarily cute that day, or somthing....

Molly was kaput after the water park.

Emma and a fluffy cow.

Two kids taking it easy.

"get back here, i'm not done brushing you"
The goats liked my sandals.
They liked Emma too.

They really liked her hair. yum!Molly's got her own tree house.

Molly, where are your shoes? Emma playing with the big girls.

This store stinks!

"Look ma, I'm on TV!"

We tried a little face painting.
"Look mom, it's Earl" Apparently he's a Chartreaux Lots of fun at the farm!


We had a ball at the sprinkler park at the Farmland. Emma really loved it this year, as opposed to last year, when she wouldn't even go near it.

Molly got right into the action too. She wants to be a big girl.

Molly thought it was truly fascinating.