Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Griffin is here!

Say hello to Emma's new friend Griffin.
(Laura and Fred's new baby.)
Emma can't wait to meet him!
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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Davis Farmland

We had a big adventure at Davis Farmland today.Emma discovered that she could get milk from cows too.
Or at least water from plastic cows. She is a very good milkmaid.

Happy Birthday Corinne!

Today is Corinne's Birthday! Emma had a great time at her party!

She had some good down time in the hammock too.

Seven, (the dog) had a great time at the party too!
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Wedding food.

Emma thought the wedding food was really great. She ate all of her ravioli, and half of Daddy's.
Plus she discovered a love for champagne grapes.
She really loved the cake.

Emma at the wedding

Emma had a great time at Eric's wedding.She bonded with Hyun Jin over a game of soccer.

She made sure everyone who came to the wedding had a program and bubbles.

But she carefully rationed out the water pistols.

After she took care of her responsibilities, she found some kids to play with.