Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Corinne Turns 3!

We all had a fantastic time at Corinne's B-day party. It was fish themed.

Molly and Daddy enjoying the yummy food.
Molly loved Corinne's toys.
They played hot potato. (Or hot Squid to be precise.)
Emma's out!But she won a toy whale playing pin the tail on the whale.

Yummy cake!
Corinne loved her cake.
Really yummy.
Hannah loved it too.

So did Mave, (Emma's best friend of the day)
Too yummy to try to use a fork
Oh no, a shark ate our playgroup.
And Effie ate a shark.
Oh no, Molly got eaten by the shark.

I'll save you Molly.
Seven always loves a party.
Oh no, the shark got Daddy!
Molly will save you Daddy.
"Daddy, come out over here."


Anonymous said...

How nice to see a group of little girls in dresses for a birthday party! Especially loved Emma's dress. So many great photos to see. Good Job Mom!

Anonymous said...

i love the shark theme Emily Gherard

Loser, Inc. said...

We're glad you had fun- we had a great time, too (despite the various shark sightings and attacks) I think a shark bit Corinne in the eye!