Thursday, March 30, 2006

She's been busy...

Emma had a big week this week. Today we went and played with Seamus. He taught her how to use his exersaucer. She really liked it because it played a lot of music. (Which is why mommy didn't like it)

Emma is looking forward to the start of baseball season. (Go sox!)
She was modeling her new bonnett for the camera.
She had a nice time lounging about on Laura's sofa.
At playgroup the other day, we all went for a walk. Emma liked walking in her snugli so much, she didn't want to get out.

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Sue said...

Thanks for the update Meghan. The pictures are adorable. It is so funny to see Emma playing side by side with Seamus, and I love the picture of her sitting in the boppy wearing the baseball uniform.