Friday, March 03, 2006

Cute pictue bonanza...

This is the cute picture bonanza. I haven't emptied the camera in a while, so here's the good stuff that was in it.

This is Emma in her new Ikea highchair.

She likes being up high.

Here she is in her snowsuit, waiting to go out in her new car seat.

Here's a lazy morning on Mommy's birthday.

Emma in her snow sack. We had to make the hole bigger for the car seat buckle. Now her whole butt hangs out.

Emma with Auntie Deb and Maureen, on Deb and Mommy's birthday.

Emma in Deb's old bonnett. Deb was a bigger baby than Emma, can you believe it. (9 lbs, 13oz)

Emma playing superman. I don't know if Superman eats his fingers.

Emma can reach her feet. She can even put them in her mouth. Now she's ready for yoga with Grandma.

Emma sitting by herself in the crib. She can only sit for a few seconds by herself, but she's learning.

Emma eating daddy's finger like an ear of corn. When are those teeth gonna come in ?

that should last you for a while.


Sue said...

Emma is adorable. I think she might be ready for advanced yoga.

Solveig said...

Meghan.....I so enjoy looking at your pictures of Emma and watching her "grow-up". Thank you for finding the time to post these.