Friday, January 20, 2006

Look at my pretty dress...

Quick, look at my pretty dress before I pop right out of it.

Emma is doing great, and growing so quickly, I have to put her in all her pretty outfits before she pops out of them. I usually just have her wear pajamas, but I should dress her up even if we're just sitting around her house. She is teething, but she's too little to hold her teething toy in her mouth. As you can see it's pretty big. She's been good about her teething. Sometimes we have to give her a little tylenol before bed, but rarely. She tends to only like to have her hands or my breast in her mouth. She doesn't really like the teething toys too much. Other than a little crankyness, she is doing great. She's had a lot of awake time, she likes to try standing. (we think she's going to skip the whole crawling thing and go straight for walking) She's still sleeping through the night. She is such a good kid! I just hope she stays this way.


Anonymous said...

A vision in pink! You may be right about the progression to walking. Babies who live where there are hardwood or otherwise non-cushy floors tend to get upright much quicker than those who have soft thick carpets to crawl around on. You took your first solo walking foray on New Year's eve at the ripe old age of 10 months.

Sue said...

That's one cute little honey!