Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas in Connecticut

We had our second and third Christmases this week.
First we had Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Tuesday morning. Emma wasn't too interested in her presents, but she liked all of the attention. She did really like her book from Grandma. I got some books on baby sign language. Right now I'm trying to teach her the signs for "Mommy" "Kitty" "Milk" and "Change".

Emma finally got to meet Tim. She really liked him, and she tried to talk to him very loudly whenever he was talking. Emma had become quite the social butterfly. On Thursday we had a big family Christmas and Emma got to meet Aunt Sharron. Emma got lots more presents.
After all that she needed a bath in Grandma's sink and a drink from daddy's beer, (Which she didn't get!)

Emma also got to visit with her favorite uncle, Tom.

And she got to visit Jed and Karen, and even Chuck for a little while! Emma thinks Jed's couch is super comfy!

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