Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy to be home!

Here is Emma and Mom the day after she was born, and her first picture, a few minutes after being born. You can really see a difference a day makes. She is doing great. We have mastered the art of breastfeeding. She put on 3 Oz. in 2 days. The Dr. said it would have been good if she put on 1 Oz, so 3 is incredible. She is sleeping a lot, and eating a lot, and that's about all. She's a very quiet baby, at least for now. She went for her first walk last night. Dad carried her in the snugli, and we headed out to get chinese food. Today we took our first walk in the stroller, and went to CVS. For the record, when you have a baby, you spend a LOT of money at CVS. Well, it's time to sneak in a nap before the next feeding. Stay tuned for more pictures.

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