Monday, October 17, 2005

Beware of Uncle Earl!

This is a candidate for . Earl is adjusting to Emma. He's trying to maintain his dominance over her, but she doesn't care, and that makes Earl mad. He's destroyed two pacifiers already, and he is constantly hunting for more. There's only one left, until the rest arrive in the mail.
About 5 minutes after we arrived home from the hospital, he stole the breast shield ( a plastic nipple I use to feed the baby). Luckily no damage was done. He still keeps jumping in the crib, just not when she's in it. (thank goodness!)
Emma is doing good. Today is our first day without Dad, but we're surviving. (We're watching Family Guy and eating in bed.) We're starting to get better at breast feeding. It would be SO EASY to give her formula, but I must persevere. (Breast milk is just so good for her.) I keep thinking of the disturbing breastfeeding ads that were banned from network TV. You can see them here: . They're kinda funny, but at the same time wicked sick. (Click on Log Rolling and Mechanical Bull)
Here's a picture from her first walk. She found a leaf! Is she laughing, crying? Who knows!
October 17, 2005

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