Sunday, July 02, 2006

Emma at the zoo...

What a big day! First, we went to the museum of science, to pick up our tickets for the 4th of july.

Here Emma is in Boston and I am in Cambridge.

This is a crazy picture of the lightning show. Emma really liked the lightning, she thought it was cool!

Then we picked up Deb and went to the zoo. Emma slept though most of it. Here is Emma sleeping through the gorrillas.

Here is Emma sleeping through the Ocelot. (The ocelot was sleeping too.)

Emma woke up for the gift shop, and we all had some icecream, except for Emma, who had Cheerios.

Emma was awake for the sheep.

Emma was making goat sounds back at the goat. He got mad and left.

Emma decided to take one step further in impersonating a goat. I'm a owl, and Deb is a snake. AGH! SNAKE!!!!

And of course...Emma as a kitty cat.

What a big day!

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