Friday, December 09, 2005

Hurricane Emma...

Emma is growing quite big. She has outgrown her first set of clothes. She has outgrown her socks. The main problem is that she has outgrown her swaddling blankets. She really likes being swaddled, so we had to find a new solution...and here it is. She is swaddled in a large fleece blanket that I gave to Marc in college. It's about 5 ft by 5ft. And believe it or not, this is starting to be too small to reach around her. I just think it's so funny that it's such a dismal color. She looks like a little baby saved by the red cross. Like she was just pulled out of a hurricane or fire. We bought a new blanket for her. It's bigger than we thought. Stay tuned for that pic.
December 09, 2005

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